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Jessica Sepel EN

Intervju – Jessica Sepel – Wellness Blogger 2015

It seems you have made quite a journey from when "food was the enemy and your body was a burden"; now you appear to be eating, living and working like health itself. Please tell us about that journey!

I’ve always been interested in nutrition, having come from a family that prioritizes real, whole foods. In my teenage years and early 20s, though, I developed a negative body image and food was one way to control it. I tortured myself to the point that food was the enemy. It took time, but I realized that hating my body was impacting every aspect of my life. From that point on, I committed to understanding nutrition and how my body works. It shifted my mentality.
Health trends have been around for many decades, and while some of them might actually be quite healthy, they remain just "trends" if you do not also adjust to a healthy lifestyle rather than simply follow a trend. Something on which you seem to be an expert. Please describe your philosophy for a healthy and sustainable lifestyle!
I think it’s so important that we eat in tune with our bodies. I agree, there is a lot of debate around what is a ‘trend’ and what is a legitimate lifestyle movement – I would prefer that instead of labelling ourselves, we be ‘inspired’ by different food and lifestyle movements. I think this is a much more balanced way of living that is conducive to maintaining a healthy relationship with ourselves and with food. To be honest, when we become restrictive, that’s where the dangerous cycles can start.

You spend time both in Sydney Australia and LA California (USA); two places where many lead active, and seemingly healthy, lifestyles. Are these the main markets for your books and your consultations, or do you have a more global approach?
Yes and no! Sydney and LA are definitely huge markets for me, but I think that healthy living is something people are, and will become, interested in from all around the world. We’ve been getting orders for my new book, The Healthy Life, from places as far as Russia – which is really incredible when you think about it, but I find it so inspiring that people from such different backgrounds are becoming interested in the movement towards wellness and health.

Travelling to many exotic and inspiring places is part of your job. If one wants to go someplace to invoke or enhance a healthy lifestyle for a period of time, what would you recommend, and what are your impressions and feelings about this place?
 I recently came back from a week-long stay in Aro Ha with my family. It’s the most beautiful yoga retreat and the whole menu is raw vegan. It’s a really spiritual place, and the scenery is absolutely stunning. I cannot recommend it enough.

Marriage is on the doorstep for you (congratulations!), and living as a couple is something that I believe has actually been scientifically proven to prolong life. With all your knowledge about health science and wellness in general; why do you think it is so?
I really believe in the power of love – whether that be love from a family member, a friend or a life partner – I think that surrounding ourselves with warmth and support is so important to keep ourselves grounded in the hustle and bustle of every day life. Health is holistic – it’s not just about eating all your greens or going for a run every day. We need to take care of ourselves emotionally, and a huge part of that is having loving and supportive people around us. Of course, there have been times and people in my life that have been toxic – but that’s a learning experience, and to have the courage to put a stop to whatever it was that was having a negative impact on who I was and how I was feeling was a huge part of how I’ve grown up to become who I am today.